there's no need..

she laughed tipsy sitting next to her best friend
her best friend who might turn out to be deadly sick in a few days. theres no need.
no need in showing him the ghetto i fell in love with. rusted old things - no
need for them, ay? when she sits on her other friend's hospital bed she fights her tears swearing silently at apples shared cigarettes coffee and chinese stories to not disturb her friends mare-breathing. later when her friend wakes up bursting out into tears of pain she cries as well for the need of sharing life. and for some people who do not need to be around for their own need.

it's good to see her smile from time to time now. the smile of fighting fortune back for good. fighting the lyrics of 'no one' in her head and simply not needing.

short story? hopefully.

18.11.07 19:26

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